A Quiet Day

For a Monday, it has been very quiet most of the day…even when DKF was here for her hours.  Today is also mu brother GLK’s 52ndbirthday.  With the family becoming whole again, I am willing to add my brother back into my diary entries as long as I do not put any information about my PA family in my diary entries.  I would not want anything to leak out to harm my family at any time.  What goes on in their lives in PA stays in PA.  Happy birthday, GLK!  Love you!

Not a whole lot has happened today.  I did a lot of watching TV, reading, and napping.  I slept a lot in my favorite corner chair – my chair.  I actually missed Dr. Phil today by the first 45 minutes of the program.  I always get my nap in a day or two before mymensesand a day or two after my menses.  I am napped out for now.  It is almost time for me to wind down.  I am getting ready for bed shortly.  Even though I had a nap, bed time is close at hand.  Good night and God bless.  I will be back tomorrow.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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