Tuesday, October 16, 2018

For being the middle of the month now, where is this month going?  It is going very fast in my life.  How about the month going by in your life?  I have been writing in my diary since the beginning of the month now and have not missed a day except when I had to wait for DD.netbe back up and running and input what entries were missing in from my diary on my computer.  I am glad it is up and running again.

For a Tuesday, it feels a little like a Monday for me for some reason.  I do not want to do anything.  The weather is chilly in the mornings now that it is the season of fall and winter is on its way in good ol’ Wisconsin soon.  I wake up feeling cold and ready for a hot/warm bath to start out my day and get dressed in warm clothing.  Summer has been over for a while now.  I won’t miss it until next year.  I am ready for the cooler parts of fall and mild days of winter. It is just cold out there in the mornings until later in the morning or after lunch.  It is time to deal with it one way or another and whether I like it or not.  Fall and winter is definitely coming and going to be here for a little while.

I am glad to have taken the time write in my diary tonight despite the chilly weather of the evening and before going to sleep for the night.  I am taking advantage of the low-key days this week because I am busy Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I am going to see the musical Grease at the Fireside in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin in the afternoon to begin the first day of the week.  Writing in a diary does seem to help me a lot and I feel comfortable expressing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences in my diary without feeling criticized by other diarists who write their thoughts, feelings, and experiences – differently of course as every diarist has their own way of writing– like me. Although I do not get criticized by other diarists, I do sometimes get doozies of comments at DD.netin my scam folder to look at. LOL

Off to bed I go.  Good night and God bless.

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