On A Political Rant

Here I am…. What I am about to write about will probably make some very political-minded and savvy people a little annoyed or upset, but I am sick and tired of one political party bashing another on TV just to be voted in and win the upcoming election November 6.  Oh my goodness gracious, all this bashing and bickering, lies, and torment some politically inclined people do just so they will not vote for someone in particular.  I know when they are lying through their teeth just to get a vote in their direction. I’ve got news for everyone who is more politically inclined than I am although I am politically inclined enough to make sense of what is happening in my state and others President Trump has to deal with on a daily basis.  A president’s job is every day and it never ends.  I am not swayed by the commercials, ads, or by the people who are against one party or the other.  I have voted for November 6 election and I listened to nothing but lies and deceit on TV. I voted for what is right and left it at that.  I just will no longer talk about politics with people because they could be for another party and I know I live in a building with a lot of Democratic-minded tenants here.  It is tough hearing them talk politics.  Talking about what political party you are is taboo in my home.  It is not a subject allowed in my home.  I’ve had it as far as being swayed one way to vote and I will not be swayed.

For those of you who do not like President Trump as your president, I do not feel sorry for any of you.  I happen to like him as a person despite his demeanor towards women and his way of telling it like it really is.  I have been taught by family to accept who is the President of the United States by supporting him whether he is a Republican or Democrat. Everyone is human in politics even when someone of either party may not act like grown up men and women should. I believe that EVERYONE SHOULD GET ALONG.  With that said, I know that everyone getting along is just a wish and a dream that will not happen spiritually because we are for and against one or the other party.  We are individuals in a divided world that one day will be controlled and all rights will be taken away from everyone. There is no way around it spiritually because of what Adam and Eve did one day in the Garden of Eden.   They brought sin into this world and now everyone is a sinner in this world.  We all have to make it right with God…even me every day.  I may be less political-minded than others in this world, but I do understand what is going on in politics more than others realize, but I do have to admit that I am more spiritual-minded than in politics because I choose it to be so. If you think about it, politics and spiritual-minds are similar is so many ways more than many will admit.


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