Glad to Be Home

It sure does feel very good being back home from the hospital.  My ankles and feet are a little swollen from all the fluid that was IV induced into me from Tuesday to Sunday, January 15 – January 21.  I do not think there is anything to be concerned about at this point as I have been communicating with Dr. A off and on since I have been home.  One of the important things I find worthwhile is getting back online throughout the day playing games, writing in my diaries, watching my favorite TV programs and movies, and having Bing Crosby the Cat take the time to be with me each day.  It is good to be home and back into my daily routine or close enough to it.  Now, with feeling better, I can begin concentrating on what really matters as far as what I find worthwhile writing about.  I did not realize, until I went to the ER, how sick I was.  It was somewhat embarrassing, and I did wonder what could have caused me to be sick and for how long.  I stopped worrying about, but the question still pops up from time to time.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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