Out of My Control

I am not looking forward to the middle of the week.  I do not think many others are not looking forward to Wednesday and Thursday this week. We have been spoiled with the mild winter months up until January 22 when we had a lot of snow dumped onto us along with the polar vortex/arctic temperatures have caused many people to be killed, injured, and told to stay indoors with schools closing for a couple of days.  I stayed indoors during the polar vortex, and now, having been spoiled by near spring temperatures over the weekend we are expecting some sleeting rain and dangerous roads with ice – black ice conditions.  Winter is definitely showing its beauty and danger now when spring is next month.  Although Ground Hogs Day was yesterday and he saw his shadow, we still have six weeks of winter left.  I love the ground hog theme, though.  In the meantime, we will have to wait to see how bad it will get as the week continues.

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