The Beginning of God’s Will

Before I go into any detail with my thoughts for the day, I want others to others to know that I am a Seventh-day Adventist today and have been in the faith since October 1999 when I went to prophecy seminar meetings here in Janesville, Wisconsin hosted by our former pastor JA.  I learned that my heart was in the right place when it came to knowing God, but I was going to the wrong church before I even knew about Seventh-day Adventism although I was given a book in the early part of the 1990’s written by a woman named Ellen G. White by a former neighbor’s nephew.  The former neighbor has been gone two years ow because she had passed away.  I am talking about d NMS and her family.  I do admit that I am very happy to be an Adventist and I am glad to be going to church on Saturdays instead of Sundays.  I am not going to sit quietly anymore and be afraid to tell others I am an Adventist.  Danny Shelton has written a book titled “Spiritual Vigilantes” copyright 2017 and he talks about how the government has not been following the ten commandments – especially the last six that our founding fathers have done. He talks about the majority of people who are silent and will not do what it is right by not getting involved due to fear that they will get in trouble.  I have not finished the book yet as I have about three to four chapters left, but once again I am learning and thinking more about my life and where I stand today.

Thoughts on “Amazing Journey Amazing Grace”

Just like Ken and Nancy Eirich, although our stories are different, I have struggled with my understanding of God.  I still get anxious and panicky at times for some reason or another – even overly excited about things – hopes up and dashed away with disappointments.  I still fear and get scared.  Did I expect to understand the story?  No, I did not, but I saw their story in words and could not put the book down.  Ken and Nancy struggled in areas of their lives while I, too struggled in mine from time to time.  We are human beings who live in sin because of Adam and Eve eating from the very tree God told them NOT to eat from. Ken and Nancy’s faith was tested, and my faith is always being tested as well.  I need to find myself a little more each day to find that amazing journey and grace like Ken and Nancy Eirich, but I need to go about it the way God wants me to.  My path and walk towards heaven is not the same as the Eirich’s.  I, too, have a story to tell, and I intend to tell it!

“Spiritual Vigilantes”

I am still reading it, but I do have to admit that it is one book I cannot put down.  Just like “Amazing Journey Amazing Grace”, it is a page turner and everything else around me except for Bing Crosby the Cat is just a blur of my day.  The TV is on, but I am not watching it because I have my eyes and nose in a book once again.  Oh how I love to read!  Although the book is not finished, I do have to admit that Danny Shelton has hit home about politics, church, and state.  It is frightening to know that the United States is falling and failing quickly because of God is not being taken seriously here.  This is what happens when we fall short of God’s grace and love when we are so divided between parties and the government officials are always changing something that God has already placed from the beginning of time!

It’s Time

It is time for me for move on ahead and allow God to take over and let his will be done – not my own will. I have choices and will make them accordingly, but my choices will have to be made more carefully.  I choose to follow God and do what he asks of me and go from there.

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