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Rudeness is Not Becoming People

Story 1

            I have two stories about rudeness today.  I saw it as well as heard it.  Until I read “Spiritual Vigilantes” this week and finishing it earlier this afternoon, I have to admit that my IRIS worker DKF did what she knew was the right thing to do when it comes to rude people.  She was not quiet about it.  I did not have to s anything because she was defending for someone who was working at the clinic where I was being dropped off.  As the husband was dropping his wife off to go into the clinic, the husband was very rude and swearing at the valet for some reason or another.  DKF did her best at diffusing the situation, but she ended up being swore at herself. As I went in to get my labs drawn for Dr. A he ordered for me have done.  By the time I got to the laboratory, DKF was in the building waiting patiently for me to get my labs drawn and then headed up to Dr. H’s office. DKF was telling me that she hoped that rude man was not on the same floor we were going because she told me that the rude man came to her when she got done parking her car and swore at her to mind her own business.  Rudeness is not becoming people!

Story 2

            This was not DKF’s morning because after my appointment she was doing her best at dropping me off at the door, but a car was sitting in the way with no one in it.  She had to stop her vehicle behind the car, get my walker out of the back seat, open my door and I had to walk all the way around her vehicle and get up to the sidewalk in a puddle while walking between DKF’s vehicle and the car blocking her from getting me closer to the door.  When she opened the door, after I got the key in the door, she was saying in general whoever has their car there unattended should move it because other people need to get in safely.  All of sudden rudeness erupted from a woman and then as we were walking down the hallway to my apartment another member of the group, a man, was very rude to DKF.  The man swore at DKF.  I finally said that it needs to stop.

When DKF Left

The rudeness from the tenant’s family members did not stop when she left the building.  That is not the point, though.  She left with the intention of calling the manager as soon as she could to talk to her. Within time, while DKF was waiting for a response, the manager did return DKF’s call, I have been sitting here at home wondering if management will take care of it and my wonderment became a done deal.  Management heard DKF’s story as well as mine and management said she will take care of the situation as it was indeed correct that how the situation happened should of not taken place because no one is to park their vehicle where emergency vehicles need to be in order to get in and out of the building safely.

Today was a day for DKF to run into rude people apparently.  I have learned that she cares deeply about her clients and what is considered a safety hazard, and what happened here at the apartment with the car stopped where we are supposed to drop off and the vehicle is to be parked in the parking lot in the visitor’s parking or where tenants park.  Rudeness is not becoming.

Seeing Dr. H

My appointment was at 10 AM this morning and I saw Dr. H for a few reasons.  One was because my walker needs to be replaced now that I have had it for 5 years as of January 29, 2019, my breasts are dealing with a yeast infection right now, and we discussed my kidney’s situation.  I have been dealing with elevated BP lately and since I have been on Nifedipine at 60mg since Tuesday morning, my BP was at 120/80 at my appointment.  Yahoo.

Today’s Labs

            Getting my labs for Dr. A, my nephrologist, today was easy.  While I was at the clinic before going to my 10 AM appointment to see Dr. H, I went to the laboratory. Within minutes I was done and upstairs waiting for my appointment.  By the time I had gotten back home, I had gotten calls from Dr. H’s office as well as Dr. A’s office telling me about my labs and what was needed to be done for next week.  Dr. A wants me to get labs drawn again next Thursday

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