Friday Well Spent

The weekend is about to begin. Once again, we are expecting another winter storm of sorts over the weekend that might prevent me from going to church in the morning, but that will be determined in the morning when I get up at 7 AM.  Despite how this winter has come into play since January 22, I have to admit that I am doing EVERYTHING I can while the weather makes it difficult to get out often like in spring, summer, and fall.  Winter is the toughest month for many people including myself.  Winter is almost over – I hope.

DKF and I went to the laundromat near Grand Nails and Spa so I could make it to my appointment at 9:30 AM.  We have been doing my laundry at the laundromat these days because it costs $1.50 to $1.75 to laundry here per load wash and dry when at the laundromat it only take $1.00 to wash a load and $1.00 to $1.25 to dry.  It is just a lot easier.  Today was the day I happen to see a former IDS client and get a hug from her.  I was glad to be able to get out this morning to get to my appointment.

Before the weather gets bad again, I have some errands to run this morning.  I have had to cancel three nail appointments this month because of the weather and today was one day I am able to get out and get my nails done professionally.  It has been almosttwo months since I had my nails done.  They were getting super long now and today I was glad that I was able to get them done.  I got them done in a gray/blue color this month.  I found that to be a perfect color for the month because we have been having a lot of bad weather and gray skies lately.

After my appointment, DKF and I went through a drive-thru at Taco John’s to grab a quick lunch to take home and eat.  When DKF left at 12 noon, I decided to take it easy and get some things done before Sabbath began at sundown, and then go to bed.

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