Every Friday I Think About Saturday

Friday is finally here, and Sabbath will begin at sundown.  I am getting used to the idea of dialysis Saturday mornings now, but I miss my Sabbath mornings and early afternoons at church with my church family.  The idea of having dialysis on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will not work well for me with personal cares, so the idea of having dialysis days switched is not a good idea.  My Saturday Sabbath mornings and early afternoons will be at the dialysis clinic for now.  Yes, I am still disappointed that my Sabbath is not at church, but I will make it work for me somehow.  It will be okay.  I will just do what I can from now on until an opportunity opens.

Today has not been all that bad really.  Although I am disappointed that church is not in the works of my seventh day of the week, I do find myself doing my best on Friday with disappointment in the air every Friday.  No, I do not dread Sabbath coming.  I just get a little disappointed that it is not what it used to be is all I am thinking about every Friday since I began dialysis outpatient on May 7.  Every other Saturday Sabbath, I see a tech at the dialysis center who is also a Seventh-day Adventist who brightens my day.  Yes, I am always thinking about Saturday on Friday.

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