Appointment Woe?

With it not being a day for dialysis, I had an appointment at 10 AM with a gal who makes braces.  The appointment did not happen the way I planned, but the appointment did take place. I did not get fitted for a new brace because they have to make sure that my insurances will cover the cost and they are in the network.  I have never heard of it before when many others have.  When I left, I wondered why I even bothered going to the appointment. Could they not have checked to see if my insurances were in their network before I had my appointment?  I should have asked that question while sitting there listening, but I was dumbfounded by the mention of network.  I need a new brace.  The one I have is 10 years old now.

I am glad to be home and safe once again in my own space.  DKF has left for the day and I am here watching Monk since there is woman’s tennis tournaments going on Fox the last couple of days.  No Judge Mathis and Judge Milan the past two days!  I have decided not to watch The Talk the past couple of days as well.  I think that if there is nothing on TV in the afternoon to watch until 4 PM, I will just get on my computer and write in my diary, blog, read, and write some more of my book.  I have to do something more than just sit and channel surf as I do not like channel surfing. I am glad to be home and safe once again.

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