Dialysis and Sabbath

Another day has come and is about to end, leaving Saturday, June 22, behind.  It was one of those days at dialysis that proved to be a little difficult while dialysis. My catheter had a hard time pulling today in one of the lines.  I got a dose of Cath Flow in the line that was not pulling very well.  We will see what Tuesday brings for both lines.  I did not feel scared, but I did have a feeling of disappointment for a while.  I had to keep my head to the left during the session for 3 ½ hours and now my neck is a little stiff.

            When I got home from dialysis, I had lunch, my boyfriend KB and his mom TB dropped by to have Sabbath School lesson study with me for a couple of hours, and then I decided to take the time to write a quick entry before heading to bed for the night as I now getting tired.  I have been watching TJ Hooker on Decades from 1PM to 3 PM and then 5 PM to 9 PM here. It is getting late and I am sleepy now. It was a very good day and I was able to have Sabbath with good people today.

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