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Oh my goodness gracious.  Today is the fourth day of the month of July.  Where is this Independence Day 2019 with white cupcakes with red, white, and blue frosting for the workers and patients who were interested in having one. Then I celebrated my birthday with no one after DKF left for the day by going to another client she works with and for. Now, today is the fourth of July and I have had dialysis this morning at got out before 1 PM this afternoon, getting home before 1:30 PM with DKF’s husband SF bringing me home.  It was a good dialysis day.

I know a little bit off track here, especially at this time, but I wanted to say I made another milestone today.  As dialysis continues three times a week, I have been staying at my dry weight for the past several days.  I am holding my own.  Now, with dialysis not happening until Saturday morning, I hope that I remain steadfast to my dry weight and continue to go down as more fluid is taken off/out of my body as hemodialysis continues ahead God willing.  I am working on it.  Anyway my milestone for today was that I got outside to wait for my ride, but when I got outside, my ride was already waiting and was pulling up once I walked out the door, I kept walking until I got to the van where SF met me to help with my dialysis bag and walker.  When SF dropped me off inside my apartment building, I walked to the manager’s office to see if the manager was in from lunch yet, but she wasn’t, so I turned to go to my apartment to see Bing Crosby the Cat and relax a little.  This is the first time I have gotten in early enough to get out early enough to spend most of the afternoon with Bing.  It is a rarity at dialysis that patients get in earlier, but since it is Independence Day, the workers might want to spend their evenings at home or seeing the fireworks, or whatever plans there may be.  No major Independence Day plans for now that home is where I am going to be tonight.  In fact, once it gets dark enough, neighbors are going to have fireworks going off nearby and I will be watching my cat get spooked, run, and hide. Bing Crosby the Cat does not like fireworks.  I will be up late tonight because of it as well because I do not like fireworks going off in the city unless it is controlled by the right people like the firemen and authorities at the park every year.  I think, as I have read about another state, fireworks done at home is illegal and I think fireworks being bought and sold outside of our yearly fireworks display done by the city should also be considered illegal here as well.  Most of the fireworks being sold are illegal fireworks along with the ones that are legal.

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