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At this time I am usually doing my time for God, but I thought I would take the time to get caught up with my diary first this evening.  I have done some time with God this morning by doing a new daily devotional at YouVersion.  I have begun a yearly devotional starting today.  I will write about what I have read another day.  On Monday I will begin a devotional with a good friend at the same place online. I just wanted to make sure that I get some diary entries posted before sundown tonight.  Another thing I have been doing is chatting with my sweetheart KB through text as he and his mom are heading back home from vacation.  I sure do miss my sweetheart very much.  His mom, too.  Although, with TB coming back home means she will be heading back to work, I will be seeing both of them again soon.  I have heard that they had a good time.  KB is ready to be home because he is counting down the miles before they get close to home again.  I have also texted my mom and everything is going fine in NM.  Not sure how Dad is doing in AR although I told him to have a good weekend through a text.  Not a lot going on right now.

I have been in my bedroom ever since a little past 3 PM this afternoon texting and chatting, doing my best at getting to spending time with God.  I am about ready to head in that direction real soon here.  I have found my quiet spot to do my time for God in one of the most likely places we usually call a bedroom.  I find comfort sitting up in my bed, with the laptop on my lap working on my computer in some way, more comfortable than in my living room.  It is probably because I have a hospital bed and it comfortable most of the time.  I never use the little laptop table anymore.  I haven’t for a while now.  As I sit here and continue to ramble, I will never get anything done, LOL…. I am going to say good night and God bless now and come back at my next availability. God night and God bless.

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