I have been up and down the past few hours.  In fact I had awakened between 11:30 PM – 1:30 AM feeling something was not right.  I had a feeling that put me in a state of I needed to be sure about.  I got on Facebook and the feeling I had really floored me in a way that my heart ached and I wanted to cry.  I had a feeling that someone had unfriended me on Facebook and I was right.  It was a right I really hoped I was wrong but being right disappointed me even more.  What is happening to Facebook?  It used to be friendly and a happy place to post.  Now, it has become a wonderful place of bashing and gnashing people to hurt them and very opinionated.  It seems that political parties are saying their opinions where others know or assume that you are of one party or another.  I am not going to deny that I am Republican, but as far as Democrats go, I do not care what political party you belong to.  That is how my heart goes.  I vote for the best and I do it straight down the line and if I need advice, I will go to a family member who is more politically inclined than I am and go from there by what was told to me and follow my heart where God wants me to go.  As a Christian I find it hard sometimes because I do get upset easily  Anyway, at the time I got on Facebook and saw that a high school colleague did unfriend me, I felt very hurt because I really care for this person.  I decided to write a post saying “woke up around 1230 – 1 AM this morning with a feeling. Came on here on Facebook for a while. My heart is aching right now as well as the need to cry.” and then I wrote this “If people do not like what I post on MY PAGE they have the right to have their opinion. Unfriending people because of politics, religion, or sex orientation is absolutely no reason to unfriend someone on Facebook or any social media site. I believe that Facebook has been, for a long time now, a social bashing of others just to hurt someone somehow. It is sad. I have been on Facebook for a long time now.

MY PAGE is MY PAGE. What I share is what I share for a reason. I have seen it all now. I do not care what political party you stand for, what religion you are, what your sex orientation is. I am a child of God and I do not always understand what happens to me or anyone but would never unfriend someone without an explanation. I wish FB had a reason.

I am talking about a high school colleague. I do not know why I am sad and my heart aches over this one person. I believe that friendships are what they are. If it is a true friendship, outside of Facebook, those friends will be there for you. I have some true friends outside of Facebook, and I am glad of that. Thank God as well as praise Him for EVERYTHING!!”


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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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