Dialysis Update I

Dialysis days this week so far have not gone as well as the nurses and techs wanted dialysis goes for me.  I had to be unhooked early because my blood clotted in the machine and also in my catheter.  That is not a good thing even though it happens to catheters a lot.  It is possible that my blood is very thick right now because I have not had any heparin before dialysis because I am taking Warfarin. It is discouraging.  We have to find a resolution so I can finish dialysis without the machine beeping because something is wrong with the arterial/venus lines and the machine clotting.  Yes, it has been one of those but  weeks. Even, one of my favorite techs seemed to have a tone of voice on Tuesday and today I called him on it nicely, but he did not take it very well.  He did not even say “if I had a tone in my voice I am sorry.”  I wanted to cry.  Not only did I want to cry, I was a little upset because the tech also told another tech that I must not like him today because he had a tone of voice when to me it was not appropriate for him to do that.  I have decided to talk to one of the nurses about it.  Because I have spoken to someone about it, I am nervous about going to dialysis Saturday.  Although I really like this one tech very much, I am finding trust has been questioned. I know that the nurse I have spoken to about the situation before leaving, I know that the situation will be looked into Tuesday when the head nurse s here.  As far as this tech’s tone of voice, it should not have happened and his reaction when I did my best at resolving the issue myself first, I have to admit that having this tech in my corner taking care of me does not make me feel very comfortable.

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