Dialysis Update II

I can say that I am getting a little frustrated at how dialysis has gone this week.  In fact, even though. I am talking about dialmy bysis right now, I have had one of those weeks that was kind of on the bad side as well that does not involve dialysis. Today, dialysis had to be discontinued again while I was dialyzing due to clotting of blood in my catheter and machine. Because I am not having heparin before dialysis ,y b.ood is clotting.  Anyway, two nurses have spoken about talking to Dr. A about how things went this week during dialysis and see about remedying the situation at hand.  I have also spoken to the nurse LV about what happened between me and the tech who had a tone of voice Tuesday.  She told me that this tech has had a certain tone of voice with her and she will tell the nurse P her story.  That issue will be resolved Tuesday as well.  I need to have some relief here.  When I do not have 3 ½ hours of dialysis, I do not feel the greatest physically.  This week’s dialysis has been a little draining.  May God direct the dialysis situation this coming Tuesday.

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