Life Does Go On

I was able to get through dialysis today.  A resolution was found between the doctor(s) and nurses who were looking into the issue in my behalf.  I do have to admit that I have extra fluid in my body that needs to be removed from my body.  I feel sluggish, tired, have some swelling, and I am slow moving that feels like I am lugging a cement block as I am walking.  Luckily I am not short of breath but getting up is a little difficult right now until excess fluid is removed from my body.  Having three days of dialysis treatment not being able to finish after an hour was very frustrating.  Of course, what happened was not my fault, but I felt that it dampened my happy mood.  When I go to the dialysis center, I am there for treatment so I do et snot get sick. I want things to go well.  I want to happy and healthy.  I have had two bouts of kidney disease so far in my lifetime and that is something I have come to terms with.  Since I have started dialysis three times a week I have met some real good people.  All the patients who are dialyzing like me have different walks of life from mine and that does not surprise me anymore like it once did.  When it comes to kidney disease, it does not matter how old a person is as it attacks at whatever age it chooses just like cancer does.  Here is some information to look at about kidney diseaseand the common deadliest diseasesout there.

            Ever since I began dialysis again, I have felt better.  Now I just have to get through the next several treatments to get some extra fluid out of my body that I aeccumulated during last week’s mishap. I am glad that the nurses and doctor(s) have found a resolution to allow me to do dialysis today.  I dislike trials at times because I do not always understand what is going on when I am told by different people at once.  I am one of those people who needs to stay consistent because change takes time for me to get used to when it is sprung onto me without warning.  Knowing that my transplanted kidney was going to shut down was founded in March of 2016 but it last until January 2019 before I found that I had reached stage 5 renal failure/disease.  Glomerulonephritis is a chronic kidney disease that is pretty common. My kidney transplant, thanks to my mom, has been a blessing for 31 years.  My kidney disease was controlled for three years when I could have been in stage 5 renal disease in 2016.  Although I am talking about myself at the moment, I have to admit that God is amazing and I love how God’s works in the lives of the people around me.

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