Another Day Has Come

For a while now, doing some research on my beliefs as a Seventh-day Adventist since 1999, I am working on my next blog. I have also been snuggling with Bing Crosby the Cat more as he wants to have more “mommy time.” I have learned to put down what I am doing to give Bing his attention. How he grabs my attention is his cuteness, or he comes up to me. He is very good at telling me what he wants. With that said, about Bing, my blog has not been posted yet. I am still in the first stages. I have gotten a notebook to write my blogs in longhand before typing them up in Microsoft Word to compile my thoughts into the best-written blog as possible, and I am just taking my time in doing this having dialysis done three times a week, with any scheduled appointments, and what is necessary to do during the day to get my day started. I have had little time to write in my diary this month. I also have my marathon shows to watch when I am home. With Dr. Phil on now at 3 PM CST, I watch him and Judge Judy at 4 PM. I just realized yesterday that Dr. Phil is on at 4 PM on another channel, but I have decided to stick with watching him at 3 PM. It seems to work better even though I am still not used to the change. This is one change I have not gotten down yet. What happened was that Dr. Phil and Ellen were flipped. Ellen used to be on at 3 PM, and Dr. Phil used to be on at 4 PM. The shows have been reversed. At first, I thought it was an error that the cable company made, but it was wasn’t an error after all.

Once in a while, I take time to write my thoughts in “real-time,” and this is happening right now. I have a few minutes to write before DKF get here to help me with personal cares and get me ready to go to the dialysis center for treatment. If I could tell others what happened yesterday morning, I would. It will have to wait until later. Yes, today is dialysis days. I will be spending three and a half hours there and the rest of the afternoon is all mine and Bing’s. Dialysis is going smoothly once again. I play day by day by ear now because I never know what is going to happen and I do not like having my hopes rise and fall because I was mistaken about something and my heart set to high.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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