Dialysis Update

September has left us.  October is here.  Where did the month of September go?  It went by very fast for me.  Today was one of those days where dialysis did not work properly.  It was not because of the catheter.  It was my blood clotting the machine.  The nurse gave me some Cathflo and I had to wait until 11 AM to be hooked up after being unhooked at 9:30 AM to put medicine in my catheter.  When the catheter was not the problem, I was asked to return tomorrow at 4 PM to get dialyzed.  In the meantime, I need to sit back and allow the techs, nurses, and doctor to take care of my case the best I can without getting overwhelmed any further than how overwhelmed I felt today.  LV, the nurse (female) told me that she will be speaking to Dr. A about my case before tomorrow before I get there.

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