Thoughts in a Jumble…

            It is a good day to sit down and relax.  It is raining.  I have had personal cares for the day.  I am comfortable where I am.  It is just one of those days where I am making sure I am caught up with my diary.  I need to spend time with God again as that has become a little laxed in my world these few weeks.  I will not deny the fact that I start something and never finish it.  Start to finish is something I have yet to master in this adult life of mine.  I need to change some of my ways to this day.  I need to sit here and think about how I am going to improve and keep them.  It is important that I do this because I feel like someone who is making a New Year’s resolution and not following through to the end.  

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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