My Talk With My Doctor

I have spoken to Dr. A about my concerns.  He understands my concerns and informs me that my catheter is not a big problem and what does happen to the catheter is doing fine.  We need to tweak the catheter a little bit to allow it to do what it needs to clean my blood properly each time I come in to have treatment.  He has made some adjustments to the heparin maintenance in the machine as well as in the catheter and no matter the circumstances of my catheter pulling well or not the medicine called Cathflo will be added to my catheter every Thursday and Saturday as the doctor has instructed.  It is very important that the catheter works well through treatment and if there is more adjustments needed in the future modifications will be done.  I have asked him about an Aspirin regimen, and he agreed to it along with my Warfarin dosage.  Okay, my concerns have been addressed.  More details about my day later.

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