One of Those Days

One of the toughest projects for me to do at times is to sit down at my laptop to write. I did not get the chance to do this yesterday after getting back home from dialysis. I had the time and the need to do write, but I did not do it. Maybe I can make it up today. No, I cannot do that. It would not be fair. I can write about today, though. Okay, here I go.

Today I had an appointment with the foot doctor. My toenails on the left foot had gotten so long and grotesque that I had to get them cut. I trust my foot doctor to touch my feet at this point in my life. After my appointment, I went to the Dean eyeglass store to see if they would put my prescription on file and then left for home. DKF and I will return on another day to look at glasses.

I have been home a little after 10 AM watching TV, falling asleep, and now I am in my bedroom writing in my diary for the day after 5 PM CST. My day was not dull, and my evening here at home is going smoothly for most of my evening. I do not have any more to say. Maybe it is time for me to say adios for now.

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