February 12, 2020


I do have to admit that yesterday was a little busy.  I did write in my diary in a couple of places, but I did not write an entry for my public diary since February 10.  Yesterday, after dialysis, I got my nails done for the month.  I give myself that pampering time each month.  My boyfriend loves my nails and the colors I choose for each month, and that makes me feel good inside.  I have been pampering myself by getting my nails done for several months now.  I do believe it has been a year.  Yes, dialysis from 9 AM to 12:30 PM, and then my appointment at 1:30 PM has made it a nice, long day when I have been up since 6 AM that morning.  I was ready for bed by 8 PM, but I had to stay up and watch Chef Ramsay last on FOX before retiring to bed by 9 PM.


Recapping about yesterday a bit, I have to say that today has been a good day.  I got up at 6:30 AM – 6:45 AM, got my clothes ready for the day, waited for DKF to arrive to help me with my bath, get dressed for the day, go for a quick jaunt (walk) in the hallway.  I have been doing that every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday now.  Then I got settled in my favorite spot on the couch, turned on Cold Case on the ROKU channel, and then later watched Diagnosis Murder, Tamron Hall, and then People’s Court.  Today’s episode of Dr. Phil was not appealing.  Then I watched Judge Judy, The Simpson’s, and then Modern Family.  I have been in my bedroom since a little after 6 PM on and offline catching up on the latest news in Janesville, Wisconsin.  Anyway, I have been watching The Simpson’s and Modern Family for the past couple of weeks now.  It is going on the third week.  Either my tastes are changing or I just love the disfunction of the cartoon Simpsons.  I do not even know.  As far as Modern Family goes, I enjoy watching them in syndication.  I do have my TV programs I love to watch.  While I am at dialysis, since I do not have the GSN at home, I watch GSN from when I get tethered to the dialyzer to 11 AM, and then I watch ID from 11 AM to the time I get done dialyzing for the day.  I have a routine now.

Bedtime is looming.  It is after 9 PM.  I am going to say good night,

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