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It is after 5:30 PM here in Wisconsin, and once Modern Family is over, I will be concentrating on other things. I feel I have not written in my public diary at Dear Diary for a few days. Not writing in my journal since February 23, 2020, seems like a while to me anyway. I would take time to say hello and good evening. I have added another page and titled it Living on My Own With Help. I get help from a program called IRIS. Here, I have created another page titled Living Independently With Help. I feel that my life on the world wide web is getting organized while my life away from technology has to be yet organized. I prefer doing things I love doing. The organization of my home is not important. It is lived in, and I have to have help making my place safe in getting to and from each room of the apartment.

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As a diarist and blogger, please bear with me as I continue to upgrade my blog as time moves forward. Thank you.

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