What is in a Diary?

Okay, I will be sincere here. I did some research on how to write a better diary. The study came up with me using keywords, dear diary, how to write a journal/diary. I am one of those people who does not write Dear Diary at the beginning. I write what is on my mind that is not in any specific order. In writing a good diary/diary, I do believe that writing in order of things to come, feel, and write about should be in order. I can do that. I will be honest, though. Even though I have been with Dear Diary for a very long time, I have changed it somewhat. I write in a public diary/journal of sorts, I have a blog site here as well, and I write about how dialysis is going from treatment to treatment. I am one of those people who can be creative. My public diary here at DD has become my home.

Why do I like writing in my diary? It helps me get what is trapped in mind out in the open. Yes, sometimes what I share, Satan will find my weakness and create havoc for me to get through to where there is light once again in my life like this winter. This winter has put me in such a funk that is called depression. Spring is coming soon, and to be very honest, it is not happening fast enough for my liking. Yes, it is February, and no, it does not matter if the groundhog has seen its shadow or not, spring is still so many weeks away before it officially begins. The way the weather has been this winter, it feels that the season has been here since fall began. I do not think we had a fall season in 2019. Winter seems to be holding on as well. UUGGHH

I feel organized when it comes to my computer, but when it comes to my organization skills in my apartment, I need to work on that to make it safe for me. I do not mind the clutter, whereas my worker DKF does not like clutter. As long as I am safe from falls, trips, and have a path to the places I use most frequently, I am okay. I am not my mom or dad. I am Kristi. I have genes from both parents that make me who I am.

Okay, I think I have said what I needed to write for the day.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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