Beginning of My Day

My Day Is Beginning

Although it is before 7 AM, and DKF is not here until 7 AM or a little after, I am here/up to write in my journal/diary this morning because I have a few words to say/to record before my day begins. Today is dialysis day.

News on the Kidney

Although I am having dialysis, I have the right to right to celebrate today. I have had my kidney for 32 years. Even though it is not working correctly, the organ is still making some urine. The GFR is below 8.0, and after today, I will have my monthly blood test to see where the counts stand when I have Dr. A come next Tuesday for my weekly appointment at the dialysis clinic.

Spectrum App’s New Look

For the longest time, the Spectrum app has had this dull and boring look. Yesterday, when I turned the TV on to watch my shows on my ROKU, I noticed the new look. Pleasant to the eye, a different pattern even though it is still blue. When I pushed the left arrow to get to the channel line up, the look was changed as well. The way the channel line up looked was also, pleasant to the eyes, and easy to see from a distance. I wondered why it took so long for the change to happen because the old look was around ever since I got the Spectrum app three years ago. I love the new look.

Time To Go For Now

It is time for me to go and get ready for the day. I know I am not at my journal/diary as often as I once way, but now since I have my blogs in place at DD, I will write here when I can. Now, I did write about my kidney here, but it is not about dialysis yet. That’ll come later today since it is a dialysis day. Goodbye for now.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. yetzirah says:

    My first entry was November of 2002….

    What’s funny is, now I have an Alexa, and she WILL say good morning to me!!!!!!

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