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Please accept my apologies for not writing as much as I have done so in the past. Since I have other sites at Dear Diary, I have organized my writing the best way possible, and I rarely write in “My Life in Words” diary nowadays. I will write when I can—like today. It is one of those days for a Sunday. I am doing my best at getting ready for Monday, but for some reason, I can’t get ready for Monday yet. I am not prepared.

Thoughts on the Coronavirus

I do not feel sorry for anyone who gets the Coronavirus if they decide not to take heed on the precautions the government has given them. I hope, in my heart, though, that no one in the building I live in, get it. I am one of those people who have not taken this Coronavirus lightly because if I get the virus, I can be very sick and possibly die from it because of my immune system. I have to take immunosuppressants. I am staying inside my apartment and leaving to go to dialysis for my weekly treatment now. Businesses, such as nail and hair places, have closed their doors until further notice, and people have to be careful about traipsing out into the world right now. As of last week, there is one known case of a person having the Coronavirus because they were in an area that has been affected by the virus. I do feel bad for those who have the virus. My heart is not that cold, but please understand my feelings about people being careless. I do not want karma kicking this gal in the rear because she seems cruel by sharing her feelings only. I do not wish the Coronavirus on anyone. It has killed five people so far in nearby areas around me.

The dialysis center is taking precautions to monitor their patients before they enter the clinic. That began Friday. The medical aspect of life for dialysis patients is being taken care of with the knowledge received via emails and messages sit at the facility. Dialysis is vital for many patients right now.

Forgive Me Again

Please forgive me for being very opinionated about the latest virus outbreak in the United States. I know it is a grave matter, but my heart DOES NOT wish it on anyone. It is scary, and I am doing everything to remain positive about something as deadly as the Coronavirus can be and is.

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