My Life Today, Saturday, March 28, 2010

The Start of My Day

This morning was one of those mornings where I made a made about the plant. DKF was tired of me stressing about Bing trying to get to the plant the past couple of days. It was removed from my apartment, and discarded into the trash. I felt terrible because DKF worked so hard to bring the plant back to life a year ago. She took the plant from my apartment to nurse it back to health as a favor to me, and now the plant has been thrown away. I want to cry.

Getting Back On Track

I have been home for a while now, glad that dialysis is over for the weekend. It was one of those weeks I will want to forget. Although I do not talk about dialysis in my diary anymore, it did go smoothly today. My blood pressure was normal throughout treatment, and I was able to get 2.8 liters of fluid out of my body. I had gotten home from dialysis before 1 PM, had lunch of beef stew, had Bible study with KB, and his Mom TB over the phone as we are to implement the order of safety because of the Coronavirus pandemic. While I was at dialysis, I was able to tend a teleconference at 11 AM to 12 PM. My pastor of the church I attend was able to have a church sermon over the phone. It was a remarkable sermon and one that brought out his ability to speak. God is good that way. God knows what he is doing.

Fear Gone Now

With the plant gone, I do not have to be anxious and worried that Bing will get to the plant, or even try. That fear is gone, although I still feel like I want to cry because DKF put a year into bringing the plant to fruition, where the plant was since Tuesday, the plant was being gnawed on by the cat, and he got sick from eating it a few hours later. I told the nurse LV about it this morning when she came in, and she said to me that she does not have any plants because of her animals in her home. My stepfather also said it is not easy having plants in the house because they can be poisonous to animals. I guess I have to be one of those plantless people in the world.

The fear about the Coronavirus diminishes as time continues to move ahead. I am doing EVERYTHING possible to stay healthy in my means. Dialysis is necessary, so I have to go to the clinic every week and then come home and enjoy my social distancing of other tenants in the building. Now, if other people are not abiding the rules to be social in small groups greater than ten and being 6 feet apart, it is their choice to do what they want. At dialysis, the chairs are about 6 feet apart from one another, so I am not going to worry. If I cough, or a patient, I put a mask over my mouth and nose. I have to praise God right now because I still have not contracted the Coronavirus. I continue to thank God inwardly. I come and go from home to dialysis three times a week is all that I am doing. I am having groceries delivered on March 4, 2020, for the first time, so I do not have to go out. I am staying put UNLESS I have to go out.

At this time, I do not watch the news. DKF gives me an update about the Coronavirus pandemic every morning she comes. We do our best at not talking about it, but when the virus affects another human being, we feel for them. If another person dies from the illness, we feel awful for the families involved. This pandemic is a scary one—information on the Coronavirus.  I am still worried about others around me, and with my health not perfect, I could get the virus if someone I know has the virus. I do not wish this illness on my worst enemy. In my life, I do not have the worst enemy. I do not have certain people in my life anymore because of differences and safety precautions.

Time to Go Once Again

It is time for me to go for the night. I am sleeping in my bed tonight. No more sleeping on the couch. No need to stress over the cat eating the spider plant because it’s gone. I have not been sleeping well since Tuesday night. Bing is stressed out as well and wondering why I am continually getting upset at what cats do. I do not know why I am unhappy more than usual. I get confused when I am tired. It is time to say good night, and God bless. Please stay healthy and abide by rules of living at this time as far as the Coronavirus is concerned.

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  1. We are all trying not to obsess over this situation. It’s good to be aware. But we can’t think about it all the time. THAT would make us sick! 🙂 You are doing all you can, and we can’t do more than that… Hugs….

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