I Needed To Say Something

A New Month Has Come

 March has bowed out, exiting the stage at the right while April has come onto the scene on the left. Let’s welcome April. Hello to the month April. What do you have in store for us all over the world?

Update With Dr. Phil

 I will be frank with everyone, I am still scared about the virus spreading, the symptoms, 

and not knowing what will crop up. Dr. Phil, home, is doing a series on the Coronavirus because we are to be in our homes and going out for essentials at this time. My essential is dialysis three times a week. I did not watch yesterday’s episode because there was a two-part Magnum P. I. I was interested in seeing instead. Today’s episode on people who have been tested positive for the virus and are at home. One person, a father, was in the hospital and was released. The virus has no preference for whom it attaches itself. I appreciate Dr. Phil’s insight on the pandemic as the news has given me quite a fright from the beginning. I am always wondering when the virus will leave. God knows what he is doing, and in the meantime, I am going to continue to stay indoors and go to dialysis only.

Coronavirus Daily Updates

 When it comes to the virus, and President Trump airs a daily report, I do my best to listen to some of it, but I can take in so much without panicking and getting anxious. I will then turn it off or watch something else. Dr. Phil requested that we stay alert, safe in our homes, and go out only for our essentials, and that is what I am doing. Before entering the dialysis clinic, patients have their temperatures taken. It makes sense. Safety comes first. I understand why there is a daily update, but does it have to air on TV?

Shopping Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic

 Because news has aired about the Coronavirus from the start, I have been unable to get specific items in the grocery store. Toilet paper has become non-existent lately. Now, since the virus has gone viral in all the states, I stay inside my apartment all the time and go to the dialysis clinic three times a week and back home. I have to use baby wipes for my bum when I have a bowel movement, and baby wipes are scarce because parents with babies and young children have grabbed everything off the shelves. Toilet paper used in my home, but I have plenty right now because I don’t use a lot of it. Stores are now open for a specific time of the day and close by 9 or 10 pm. Woodman’s, a store we have in Janesville, allows shoppers to get a certain number of items each for what they want. It is so important to practice safety in this time of trouble, and I am hearing there are lots of people out there who could get the virus or already have it because they are not staying home. I am learning that some people do not care. I am having my groceries delivered this Saturday afternoon.

Time to Say Good Night

 I have other things I would like to get done online, so I am going to say good night—time for me to say good night, my dear friends, and readers at DD. I am praying for everyone during this time. Please stay safe.

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