Good Morning From Janesville, Wisconsin

With the Coronavirus still rampaging about the United States, I am always home unless it is a dialysis day, and today is a day I go out, where home is safer. I do not doubt God, with this Coronavirus, that it will be over soon. Yes, the time of the end is near for Jesus’ return to bring his people home, but there are prophecies yet to fulfill. God knows when it will be the right time. I thought, having the time to do so, to say good morning and have a good day, the best day possible for some. Some people have the Coronavirus, while others do not are in my prayers continually. No matter who you are, prayers are regularly sent up to God the best I know how to pray. Now, I do not usually talk about God in my diary; I wanted to this morning. My morning rituals have changed slightly, and I have time to say good morning and have a good day before I put my shoes and brace on. I have no significant plans today because it is a dialysis day, and I won’t be home for a while. After dialysis, I am usually ready to sit down and rest. My care changed slightly as well because I have gotten a rash near my private area because of yeast infection, and that is finally clearing up, but DKF wants to maintain the care until further notice twice a day. Bing is doing fine.

Life in the Karnopp household continues. When I got home and rested, have lunch, I will write more.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. yetzirah says:

    Try not to let fear get to you. Sometimes that is just as harmful to our health as actually ‘getting’ something. 🙂 Hugs.

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