One Final Entry of the Day

My Evening at Home

  Time has passed—a little bit. My weekend from Friday to Sunday has begun at sunset. It started at 7:24 PM. Even though I have dialysis in the morning, I am up later. The pastor, where I go to church, has been having teleconferences on the phone because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Tonight the pastor wanted to test run using Zoom to see how many people will show up. Some people do not have computers or smartphones, so some of the church members will have to call a specific number to be a part of the conference. We are going to have church service over the phone. I can go to church again. I do have to admit that it is fantastic to attend church again—even while at dialysis.

Playing Around With Pages

 Honesty is the best policy. Yes, it is. Anyway, even though I have dialysis in the morning, I am up aa little later than my usual time I finally go to bed to sleep. With the teleconference test being a success for all who have participated, I have been playing around with Apple (iOS) program called Pages. The program is free when you have iOS. A person, like me, doesn’t need to spend $70 a year to have Microsoft Office when Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are similar to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. With the Coronavirus pandemic happening right now, a lot of expenses are being looked into because work is scarce right now in some areas of business. People are pinching pennies. I am also, even though I do not work, travel, or do a lot right now. I do what I can with what is happening around me. Anyway, Pages had just made some changes a couple of days ago, and I am giving the program a test run tonight. I love working/using Pages more than I did a few days ago. I can change the background color from white to blue. Changing the text color has always been there. Like WordPress, our Dear Diary sites are kept; pages allow users to drop caps in six different ways. I am having fun tonight. Unfortunately, time has come to an end for the night.

 Good Night

 I wanted to say good night. It is now bedtime.  

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