I have been up since 4 AM this morning all slept out. I thought, since I am up, I would write in my diary for a while. I have no plans today. Plans are on hold until the Coronavirus scare has been lifted. My thoughts about the pandemic are as follows: 1. Abide by the rules to be safe, and you will be okay. 2. Do not abide by the rules to be safe, and you are at risk of getting sick. I am following number one the best I can while others are not. Coronavirus is dangerous, and people have died from complications to the virus. That is very sad. I do not feel sorry for anyone who will risk their health to the ground, not listening to government officials who do want us all to be safe. My risk of getting the virus with kidney disease is higher than someone healthy. I do not need to get sick when I am doing dialysis. How many times do I have to address my concerns for people to listen to me finally?

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