Starting to Crack

I believe the Coronavirus pandemic is finally getting to me personally a little bit. My weekend here has been an up and down, loopy rollercoaster ride. Dialysis did not go well yesterday, and certain tones of voices are fraying my judgment. Sleep has not been a big problem these days. Spring is in the air, finally, but it seems like we still have some winter yet in April. Easter has come and gone without celebrating it this year because of the Coronavirus. I had French toast and bacon for breakfast, and macaroni and cheese, and fish for lunch and supper. Life continues here, no matter what my mood is these days. Because the virus has affected a couple of tenants here at Burbank Plaza, masks are worn throughout the day in my place. The virus can last five days in the air. DKF disinfects my home every other day with bleach water and cleansing cloths and sprays Lysol every day. I am doing EVERYTHING I can do to keep myself safe.

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