Final Entry of the Day

My day is about to end. DKF got here by 4:45 PM to make sure I was fine in my private area from redness, got into pajamas, watched TV until 6:45 PM, then decided to go into my bedroom for the rest of the night to work on my computer before going to sleep for the night. My life has a routine on nights. I know that a dialysis day is about to follow the following morning. I have been doing this routine for almost three years now. My life, practically an open book, develops a habit that I feel comfortable. I enjoy writing in a diary every day, even though I skip a day or two in-between sometimes. With Dear Diary being around, I have found other diaries, but not as good as DD. I love being around at DD. I feel that we are all part of a family. When Dear Diary came about in my life, I had run across it while I was attending college in my city. At that time, SB had a partner working with him on the site. Twenty years have passed. Now DD has evolved to be. Better for diarists all over the world where we can share our lives. I feel I didn’t make a mistake in finding the diary page. My life is an open book online today. How far have you come since having a diary page?  

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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