Another Day Has Come

Another day has come. I have had my morning cares with DKF, and she will be back a little before 5 PM with her husband to make sure I am doing okay for the evening, and have a second bath before bed. I got up at 5 AM to the sound of my neighbor in the apartment above me between 4:30 and 4:45 AM and decided to lay in bed feeling a little annoyed. Bing Crosby, the Cat, determined to be with me for a little while, and his purring helped me get through my annoyance. I decided to get up and do some journaling this morning and making sure I am all caught up with everything at Dear Diary. Yes, my neighbor annoys (sometimes) me when he makes noise before 8 AM every morning. There are days, which are few; I do not hear my neighbor. He is my alarm clock.

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