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Hello friends and readers. I hope everyone had a good day or the best possible. When I do not have to go to dialysis, I stay home all day and watch TV, read (which I haven’t done in a while), write in my diary here or on my computer, play games on my phone or computer, snuggle and cuddle with Bing Crosby the Cat, eat meals, and live my day the best I can. Today I watched Cold Case on the Roku channel with DKF, watched Diagnosis Murder and Magnum P. I., and then began watching the 6 PM movie “Picture Perfect” until 7 PM. My church had a prayer meeting at 7 PM tonight on Zoom, so I attended that before coming back to write more in my diary before going to bed for the night.

It Was A Good Day

I will not argue how my day went today. My non-dialysis days are pretty lazy around here. I have a routine I follow every day. This routine began about three years ago. With the weather being a little colder today, I didn’t open my windows. I am waiting patiently — as patience leaves me from time to time — for warmer weather to be here.

Coronavirus Thoughts

I thank God continually for not getting sick. My immune system has been compromised because of kidney disease. Also, having had a transplant thirty-two years ago, I can get ill. My IRIS worker DKF cleans my apartment with disinfecting wipes and bleach every other day and sprays Lysol daily to keep the germs at bay. Our building has two tenants who tested positive for the COVID-19, and one tenant is in the hospital. I wear a mask when I leave my apartment, and when I am in DKF’s vehicle, and at the clinic throughout treatment. I wash my hands off and on during the day. I do twenty Mississippi’s when I wash my hands. I do have to admit that being isolated in my apartment is getting to me emotionally, physically, and mentally. Still, I know that I am not the only one feeling this way. I want to get back to civilization just as much as everyone else who has been isolated themselves at home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

There is another side of this Coronavirus I want to mention. It is about the people who are not taking this pandemic seriously. It upsets me that people still go socializing with others. At Burbank Plaza, some tenants will sit in the lobby and chat instead of staying in their apartments where they should be. Of course, it is the tenant’s choice, and I can not change anyone but myself, I still get upset. If everyone isolated themselves and not be thickheaded about it, it would be great. Whether we make good or bad choices, choices are made by every individual. I wish some people would take this COVID-19 seriously. What is happening out there is real.

One Last Thought

With dialysis tomorrow, it is time for me to say good night and God bless. I am usually ready to go to bed by 8 PM each night when I know that dialysis is the next day. Wednesday night is prayer meeting night on Zoom until further notice, so I am up a little longer. I get up every morning between 5 AM and 7 AM to have my cares with DKF Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM on Saturdays, and 8:15 AM on Sundays. She takes me to dialysis every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and I am there at 8:45 AM to 12 – 1 PM. My life has a schedule set every day, and I do my best at following it. I need to go for the night.

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