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Playing With Pages

I am a Mac user. I have use Windows throughout the years, but in the past ten years, I have been using Mac. Windows has Microsoft Office subscriptions I have paid $70 a year for and finally got sick of spending money on subscriptions. My stepfather told me that Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are powerful programs we do not have to pay subscriptions for. I have been playing with Pages, Keynote, and Numbers a little bit for the past few weeks now, and notice the powerful programs are just as good as Microsoft Office. The iOS system was upgrading its software a month ago, and I have been playing around to see what is new. Pages have updated their program now with a black background.

I have been using different colors as backgrounds these days as well instead of just the white background. Of course, with the white background, I use black text. With the black background, I use white for the text. I rarely print anything these days, so I am not worried. I have been playing with other fonts as well and have found which ones I like using most of the time. I am always using spacing at 1.5 because it is easier to see and read as well as size 12 pt or higher. Write now, for my diary, I am using a black background with white text. I love the idea of pages, including a drop cap as well. WordPress is used at Dear Diary, and they use drop cap function as well. It is nice that the drop cap has been added to Pages as well.

Being a Mac user these days is better, in my opinion. I enjoy my MacBook Air very much. I have had it for a while now. I am on it every day surfing the web, watching Hulu or Netflix, writing in my diary here, and looking about on social media.

Using Numbers & Keynote

Numbers and Keynote are similar to Microsoft Office Excel and PowerPoint. Why pay Microsoft a yearly subscription when iOS allows the user to have free software? I do not disagree that Microsoft Office is a powerful program, but why pay for it when there are other programs out there just as powerful? I use Numbers to balance my checkbook with my bank. I love creating spreadsheets. The program Numbers is easy to use. As far as Keynote is concerned, I have not used it yet. I have no need for the software. I haven’t had the need to make a presentation with Keynote; however, the pastor of my church uses Powerpoint presentations all the time for sermons and prayer meetings. He uses Microsoft Office even though he uses Mac iOS.

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3 Responses to Mac iOS

  1. Yetzirah says:

    I’ve had a Mac for about 10 years now. I like it just fine. Though a Windows based system is much more customizable and flexible. I too am puzzled by Windows wanting money all the time for their basic programs. It’s odd.

  2. Kristi says:

    I prefer Mac over Windows these days. Even though I know how to run both because I’ve used both in the past. I find Mac iOS easier to use. I will use Windows when necessary, though

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