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When it comes to writing, I write the best I can. I understand, when you write a blog, it needs to be written in a way that catches your readers’ attention. For years I have enjoyed writing in a diary, like Dear Diary. Yesterday I wrote that Dear Diary has evolved in the past twenty years since I began using the website as my diary. Now, using WordPress, DD has become more than a journal for me. Becoming a Patreon — a word I have yet to understand how someone came up with that word — is one thing I am happy to be so I can have the perks that come with the $3 a month price. I believe it is worth it. Now that DD has evolved into a more significant entity, even though it is run by one person in another country, on a server that is operated by a particular company or business, I have to admit that my life has changed for the better at DD. I am not afraid to speak my mind like I once did so long ago. I take the time to write my thoughts down.

Dear Diary Has Changed For the Better

I have to admit that Dear Diary has changed for the better. I am so glad that SB has stuck to keeping DD for those of us who write. Being a diarist for years, even before DD came about on the internet, I have to say that it is the best place to be. I have tried other diaries, but have not been easily satisfied by the layout on the page, and I have to a premium subscriber to use certain features. I am on a fixed income because I get SSI and SS each month due to disability and pre-existing condition we call kidney disease. I’ve had kidney disease twice in my lifetime of forty-nine and a half years now, and one kidney transplant thirty-two years ago. DD changing in the past couple of years has been fantastic in my book. Being able to have other sites than my public diary has opened up a new way for me to do what I love to do — write.


I have to admit that I have never blogged before. Ummm, but I know I can because I love to write. I can see what other bloggers write about, and then I can put my spin to writing my blog. I feel that DD has given me that opportunity. WordPress and Blogger as well. Now, some of you may be wondering what direction I am going here. Please forgive me if I go in circles or repeat myself, okay? I am doing my best to move ahead. Blogging is new to me, and I want to be a blogger, also. I understand that when we write, we need to have proper grammar, excellent sentence structure, and an idea one what we want our readers to catch. Now, writing in a diary — public, private, or just for “friends” to see — is different from writing a blog. At least I think so. I find that I use a program called Grammarly. I remember my ninth grade English teacher always a stickler on grammar, spelling, and correct word structure. I have read and re-read papers to proofread what is written to check for what my ninth grade English did for a living for years. When I blog today, I want to have readers understand what I am writing and why. I do not write in a diary anymore.

Before I post an entry to my DD public diary or blog, I write in using Pages, and then I allow Grammarly to skim over my words to see what I need to do to make my sentence structure better. I pay for the premium subscription of $29.95 because having the best sentence structure when I write is very important to me—even writing in my diary regularly. Grammar is essential in my life and my book.

Time To Say Good Night

I have dialysis tomorrow, and I am getting tired. It is time for me to say good night. It has been a good day watching TV, reading, snuggling and cuddling with Bing Crosby the Cat, relaxing, playing games on my phone, and doing what I enjoy doing — writing. The sun is at rest for the night now. It is time for me to shut my shop for the night, also. The day is over, and God willing, a new day will begin for me by the time DKF gets here. Good night.

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