It is Not An Ordinary Day Here Momentarily


Please forgive me for not posting since Tuesday. After dialysis, I was fatigued, and yesterday I had emotional ups and downs. I will be okay. Yesterday my worker, DKF’s husband, SF, came by to set up my Blu-Ray/DVD player, and after we were looking for the TV remote. The remote, not found, even after moving some furniture and putting it all back. It was one of those mornings. My emotional ups and downs made it a long day, making me feel tired after lunch. I did not feel like writing in my journal.

When DKF and SF left for the day, I had the urge to clean out my ottoman. The remote was not in there either. I did find two pizza boxes and some things I could indeed put in the trash. I got a garbage bag from the kitchen cleaning supplies cabinet and began placing what I didn’t need where it belonged. I then decided to open the desk drawers, see what could go, move to my ottoman, and keep. I also took what was under my desk and either trashed it or put it in the ottoman. I took a couple of pictures to send to DKF to show what I had done when she and SF left for the day. I had gotten a response back, telling me she was proud of me, and with what happened earlier may have encouraged me to keep going.

I wanted to show you the pictures, but I can’t at this time.


I have cares in a few minutes, then dialysis. Yep, it’s dialysis day. When I get back, I will do my best to write more. I hope everyone has a good day or the best day that today could bring.

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