My Early Morning

Never will I allow such things to happen again after what happened this week. It began on Monday when I could not find my TV remote and my living room furniture was moved and put back with no luck finding it. Today, DKF and I got some more cleaning/organizing done. She worked on my bedroom dresser drawers and rearranged the materials on top of both dressers. I took the time to take EVERYTHING out of my desk drawers, and rearrange where I wanted items to be in their new, clean environment, and threw away what was junk necessary for the trash.

After cleaning, DKF and I watched the miniseries Pandemic starring some outstanding actors/actresses. I will talk about that another time. We have finished the seven seasons of Cold Case starring Kathryn Morris. Now we have to find a new series to watch.

Now I am resting. It feels great to have done some cleaning on my own. DKF is proud of my accomplishments.

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