One of Those Days

It is a late night for me. 

I have had one of those days where I felt emotional due to getting something political in my mail.  Yes, it upset me.  I am getting sick and tired of President Trump being bullied by government officials.  I get it. 

Certain people want him out of office, and the same people have been working on getting him out of the office from day one.  What did I get in the what we call snail mail these days?  I got an advertisement that was saying that President Trump was poisoning our water and getting away with it.  That sent me in a tailspin of emotions.  DKF was gone from my apartment to do my laundry and the laundromat, and she had come back chatting on the phone with a friend until she had to leave for her next client.  DKF didn’t leave my place until after 8 AM, so she didn’t return until 10 AM.  That left her only thirty to forty-five minutes left to be with me.

I did my best to wait for her to get off the phone, but it didn’t happen. That sent me into another spin of emotions.  I needed to talk to her about the piece of mail.  She did return for a while at 5 PM to make a couple of meals until 5:30 PM.  I told her what was bothering me.  She understood what I was saying, and she told me kindly that I need to not worry about what others think of President Trump.  Yes, easier said than done, but I hear what she means.  No, I shouldn’t have let it bother me – I did.  It was a rough day.  I have decided not to watch my standard TV programming today.  I watched a Nancy Drew Mystery movie, and see what other Nancy Drew programs to see what the series brought.  Another show I decided to watch on the Roku channel was The First 48.  It was one of those days that I needed to have a different routine.

I have my iPad, and I am watching a Picture Perfect Mystery on HMM.  I will fall asleep before midnight now that I have taken the time to write in my journal.  I am going to say good night.  It is 9:30 PM.  Good night.

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