A Saturday of Things Not Going Right in the Afternoon

Thank goodness that my dialysis weekend has begun. Today AFTER dialysis WAS NOT a good afternoon for a little while. DKF picked me up from the clinic with a mood because of what happened. She ended up getting yelled at by her boss — a client’s daughter yelled at her. Because she was yelled at, she yelled at me. I was not to have the clinic call at all; I did not give her number out. I told her they had had it for a long time — at least I tried to say to her while she was yelling at me. From now on, I guess I will call SF on Saturdays if I need to. All because I didn’t bring my phone and didn’t hear Dawn say not to call because the client’s daughter was going to be there. 

When it comes to this client’s daughter being in the picture, I understand that her mother’s memory isn’t right, but to yell at Dawn because of something I did was uncalled for. It’s not right. I believe people have the right to get a call and allow it to go to voicemail. DKF could have put her phone on silent. I would have done it. Her yelling at me doesn’t happen otherwise. I almost told her she was fired and that I will find another way home.

After getting home, DKF and SF made sure I was settled, my meal was warmed in the microwave, and I was comfortable. I won’t be seeing DKF until Monday at 7 – 10:30 AM.

I am NOT happy with what happened this afternoon. I don’t particularly appreciate being yelled at nor DKF being yelled at for my mistake of calling when she’s at another client’s home where the client gets upset when her daughter is there yelling at her or DKF. I will be talking to my IRIS consultant about this Monday after DKF leaves for the day.  No, I don’t want JR to do anything about it. If DKF gets yelled at again because of what I did by this client’s daughter again, I will have JR take care of it. Some people do not have people skills for some reason or another.

 For the rest of my day, I watched TV, had lunch and supper, had worship with KB and his Mom TB, did some more journaling to catch up a little, and did my worship before going to sleep with the Spectrum app running on my iPad until I fall asleep to whatever is on HMM. Tomorrow is another day to start over

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  1. yetzirah says:

    What is Spectrum?

    Sorry you had a bad day… :-((

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