May 5, 2020 – Entry 2

After DKF got here, I had my bath, got dressed for the day, and then we tackled my medicine box, the shelves in the bathroom, and then we swapped out my big medicine box with a smaller one after we grabbed some other boxes on the shelves and organized them. My place is shaping up, and the medicine cabinet now has medicine in it, LOL. Yes, the medicine cabinet was reorganized as well.

After my medicine box, medicine cabinet, and shelves were organized, I was able to get through a couple of piles that were on my kitchen table and counter. While I went through the collections and putting one in-keep and another in the trash, DKF worked on my counters and kitchen table, moving things in respectable places to make my apartment look beautiful, presentable, and clutter-free. After I tackled the piles, I began to see what DKF meant about organizing can make a person feel good. She can ORGANIZE!

After organizing, we were able to take the time to watch an episode of Midsummer Murders before she left, and GH delivered my monthly food from Magic Meals leaving my freezer full of dinners once again for June when 10:30 rolled DKF left for the day.

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