Some People!

Okay, I need to rant again.  Please forgive me ahead of time.  Thank you.  I want to scream and cry.  Why can’t people take the time to abide by the rules set out for the safety of others?  DKF is frustrated; I want to scream and cry.  I know I have said it twice now.  Tenants are not taking rules at Burbank Plaza.  There is a couple of us that abide by the rules that management has out.  I break the rules once in a while, but it is not on purpose.  Tuesday, I walked out of my apartment without my mask.  I had to turn around and have my caregiver unlock my door to get inside to get my mask.  Oops!  I do that once in a while.  I talked to our on-site manager, and there is nothing she can do to enforce tenants to wear masks because they have said to her that they can’t for some reason or another.  I have seen tenants wearing masks and the same tenants not wearing masks.  That’s why I want to scream and cry.  I’ve decided, even though I should pray, that tenants don’t want to comply with the rules management have set out for everyone In the building, and get in trouble, then I will not feel sorry for them.  If someone doesn’t wear their mask because there is a menacing virus out there killing the elderly and children, then I will not feel sorry for anyone if they get sick with COVID-19.  I will pray from this day forward for everyone.  That includes strangers.  I will continue to wear my mask when coming and going out in public because I listen to my doctor(s).  I may not agree with the doctor(s); I let them know I don’t agree with them.  I will speak my mind sometimes.

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