The hurt I felt yesterday continued until this afternoon when DKF started speaking to me again.  She gave me the silent treatment and did what was necessary for her job.  Her silence hurt me.  It may never be the same between us.  Now she has an interview somewhere, and knowing this; I don’t want her to leave me.  When I misspoke Tuesday afternoon that hurt DKF, I tried to say it right, but the words came out all wrong.  She told me how she felt yesterday, and I didn’t mean to, but the damage was done.  Now I have this fear that she will leave me and go elsewhere to work – not in the field she is now in – a managerial job.  I am still feeling the residual of the hurt she afflicted on me, and I feel bad about what I did to her.  For the first time, I feel the discomfort I afflicted on her accidentally rather than anxiety radiating to panic.  Now, she is talking to me as the silence was lifted.

I have to heal now. Both DKF and I have to get past what happened, and from there, move forward. She is now talking to me.

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