Changes Again!

My Life In Words is my public diary I prefer to write to when I write about stuff related to by other diarists who read my journal. In other words, it is generalized and doesn’t pertain to anything in particular to the pages I have created at DD. I love the idea of having pages and being able to make other pages. I love being here even though I do not always write an entry for days once in a while.

I am not saying that I have a boring life, but sometimes my routine doesn’t change from day to day because I have a routine set up every day. I have the freedom of speech instilled in me, and sometimes I feel that right has been taken away from certain people these days. I have to be careful with my words sometimes because I can anger some people.
Here at DD, I don’t have to worry about my freedom of speech – not yet. Have you felt that freedom of speech is being squashed by certain powers-to-be who think they have the power to change our rights? It makes me sick to my stomach that hardcore politicians have plans to change our constitutional rights. That is pretty scary. Do you think we have privacy online? Think again. Now, that’s scary.

I have chosen to write this because the Bible says that prophecies are being fulfilled, and many have already taken place. We are living in the last days. Do you agree? God is a good God. Everyone may not see him as a good God, but He does know what he’s doing. He does love us, and He will protect His people from Satan’s attack. I didn’t understand God’s reason in my life when I was seventeen; today, I know and understand Bible scripture.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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