A Christmas Visit & A Friendship Gone

Another day has come and gone. I had my AR parents here for a while for a visit (our Christmas). We did have breakfast from Kwik Trip, nothing fancy, but good enough to sit at the kitchen table. We visited while SBK hooked up my ROKU Ultra and got it started. My parents left after the noon hour. After they left, I put in my information to pull them up the apps with ease into my new ROKU.

I lost a friendship with someone because I talked to someone at the dialysis center, and I shouldn’t have said anything. Because I did speak to this person and was told AFTER I was told that MM could not be trusted, I lost a friendship after a year and a half. I could not defend myself or say anything before she said she had to go and hung up. This happened yesterday afternoon, and DKF told me that I will always have her. If LVR acts like that, I don’t need to be friends with LVR, says DKF. The tears wanted to fall, and I have to get past this soon enough. Yes, a friendship is lost, but it’s not my loss.

I have to go now.  Since the friendship break is fresh, I need to stop talking about it for now.  I feel horrible.  It’s on the front burner simmering.  Tears are coming and going, and they will stop soon.  It wasn’t my fault.  I  will get past this.

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  1. ermabclone says:

    Sorry to hear about your lost friend. I feel your pain as I too recently did something dumb and had a friend very mad at me, I apologized profusely and a few days later she said she forgave me, but I don’t know if it will ever be the same. 😢. It is heart breaking.

    • Kristi Karnopp says:

      I hear you. This friendship I talked about is indeed over. I forgive her for what happened, but she did make me feel hurt and I was hurt to the point that the 1 1/2 years of knowing her is where good memories have been made. Not sure of her true reputation status, I did not respond to a text because to me she didn’t let me talk and rectify my wrong. She hurt my caregiver DKF to the point that DKF wants this person going in another direction. I don’t have mixed feelings and my heart still hurts. I put a year and a half of trust in this person. I know how hurt DKF is.

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