Another Day Has Come and Gone

Another day has come and is about to close for the night. Today, after dialysis treatment, I came home and had lunch of ham steak, green beans, mashed cauliflower, and sweet potato crunch. It was delicious, tasty, and to be very honest, I do not eat ham too often. DKF stayed until 4 PM in hopes of returning at 7:30 PM, but the weather has not allowed her to come back. Hopefully, I will see her in the morning, but the weather may stop her from coming. We are expecting another snowstorm.

How was your day? Despite dialysis treatment, my day was very good. With three hours and fifteen minutes out of my day three times a week, I have learned how to pass the time. Today I took the time to read the book I began reading several days ago. The book “The Best in Show.” It is kind of hard to put down. I rarely played the Harry Potter game I have on my phone and iPad today. Oh well. My want to read has come back this year. Now I need to get my writing mojo back, is all.

Now that my day has ended, I need to go to bed. It has been a long, productive day.

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    1. Yes, I agree with you. Thank you so much. I hope you have a very good weekend. After treatment today, I will be glad my dialysis weekend will begin.

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