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I have one of those days when I need to write my thoughts out before I go crazy. Yep, it is happening now. I believe the break from writing in my diary should not have happened after all. Don’t worry; I will be okay after I get what is necessary out in the open. I am glad to be back in full swing, and that matters right now. Right? Okay, here I go.

First of all, I have taken the time to listen to Magic and his story he wanted to tell you and recorded it at Magic Speaks. Magic can tell beautiful stories. He is a good kitty, and I love him very much. Shh, do not say to him that I am telling his stories, okay? LOL

I have been busy doing a lot of nothing. What can one person do while playing it safe from the Coronavirus because my immune system isn’t normal because of kidney disease? All I can do is come and go to dialysis treatment and back while wearing a mask to protect me from catching the virus. I need to thank God for His protection, too, for goodness sake. Visitors have to wear masks when they enter my home. I wear one as well out of respect to my visitors and safety from the virus itself. I haven’t gotten my hair cut for the past few weeks now, and it is getting long — too long. I call it my COVID haircut, and it is nothing to laugh at in conversation. Maybe I will talk to DKF about getting my hair done in the foreseeable future — next month on a Tuesday after dialysis at My Clips. God is in control. He knows what he is doing. I will sit and be patient and wait and see what plays out to my future with a smile on my face. I am doing my best, not allowing the Coronavirus to control my life emotionally. I do not mind having my caregiver being the only daily visitor or not having company. I like being alone and not around people. I do not belong to a clique and proud of it. I have my friends, family, church, and Magic Kitty.

What do you think about what happened at the White House? I have mixed feelings about it, but what happened was horrible. I feel bad that people got hurt, killed, or targeted while the riot was happening. Mixed emotions are because I’ve heard that President Trump had a hand in this madness, but my heart wants to believe he had a part in it. What happened at the White House is why I do not watch or listen to the news on TV anymore. Too many reports can distort the truth, like the dang telephone game I grew up playing as a child. UUGGHH. I am politically inclined even though the government is two-sided, and Republicans and Democrats despise one another and want to have dominion over the country. George Washington, our first President, didn’t want this to happen in his day, but of course, it is happening today. I was born in this world, and I am very good at observing what is around me, and I have watched things that have been very hard to digest. I am the type of person who wants to give someone a chance to prove themselves before passing judgment on someone. I have family members who do not see some things the same way I do, which can be tough on the heartstrings. The pull can be challenging.

What happened in 2020, as far as the Coronavirus pandemic happening, has left a taste in my mouth I could not make out. When I thought I was exposed to the virus a couple of weeks ago was scary enough, making the taste in my mouth finally be coughed out as I choked on my fear of being exposed. DKF said she tested negative, SF tested negative, and her friend, who lives with them, did test positive for the virus but was never here to expose me. I am forever grateful for DKF watching out for her clients. I have issues with allergies from time to time that my nose gets stuffy or running that I thought I would be in the hospital because of the virus. Thank goodness I am safe. Wearing a mask outside my home has become second nature and a habit for me. Yes, I forget from time to time to grab a mask before heading out, but it’s not all the time. Now, since I had a Fed Ex deliverer not wearing a mask while putting my package in my apartment, DKF has made it clear that I need to wear a mask for all deliveries and visitors. I have a note to remind me, and DKF has put a note/message on my door in the hallway to tell visitors they have to have a mask before entering my apartment to visit. The Fed Ex deliverer could have had the virus, and I could have caught it. DKF and I called Fed Ex to file a complaint, and DKF was able to talk to the Fed Ex deliverer’s boss, and this person took action to have the deliverer tested for the virus. I learned the next morning that I was lucky — fortunate. God knows what He is doing and why he is in control of my life.

I have a lot more to say yet, but it is getting late. The morning turned afternoon, then now it’s evening. Bedtime is looming close, and I am getting tired. I will be taking my evening meds soon. I have been writing, reading, and watching Murder, She Baked movies all day long. I am glad the Christmas movies are on Thursday evening only now. Watching Christmas movies all the time is too much. I guess that is Hallmark and HMM. Some people like it. I am one who doesn’t. I am picky about the holidays. I haven’t watched a Christmas movie in over a year now because of Hallmark and HMM programming. Anyway, I have to go and relax before heading to bed for the night. It was a perfect day. Good night. I will be back tomorrow.

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