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I needed to post this on Facebook today:

 Hello Friends & Family,

I know I am on and off FB these days. I haven’t been on a daily because people can be mean on here when it comes to politics, religion, and one’s beliefs, sexual orientation, and handicap. I have politically inclined, thanks to my mom and real friends who care about me. I am a 7th-day Adventist and proud to have God in my corner. I have dear, close friends, and school colleagues who are gay and lesbians, and I don’t judge them. I have cerebral palsy, kidney disease, and dialysis treatment three times a week after my transplanted kidney stopped working correctly after 31 years. I have many friends with handicaps and illnesses they have no control of. I don’t hear them or see them complain. I know a lot of prayer requests. God knows my heart, and my heart aches for more understanding at times of troubling times for all. 

I am also disgusted how some people don’t take the Coronavirus pandemic seriously. If people took the virus more seriously, we wouldn’t see the numbers rise every day of the week with no sight of resolve. Will the vaccine work. I have mixed feelings about it because some people react to the vaccine while others do not. The virus has also been staying away from me because I have been staying safe and wearing my mask when I leave my home and come back home. I miss getting out and getting my hair and nails done, but safety and health come first after God and my Magic kitty. 

In October, in the 6th, I adopted my 3rd kitty cat from the Rock County Humane Society at five months. I love him so much. His name is Magic, and I wanted a kitten again. My first cat Emilee was two months old in 1990, and when I got Magic 30 years later, I didn’t expect the little boy to take my heart for a ride. His name speaks volumes in my way of thinking. My mom Mary Fox came up with his name, and he is living up to his name daily. If you do not like him or his name, he’s my baby, and I love him very much. I loved Emilee and Bing, too. My heart loves animals of the wild and domestic nature. Magic is my mini black panther.

 In October, on the 6th, I began using the graft in my left arm after using a catheter for a year. I’ve had my catheter replaced only once since I started dialysis on April 24, 2019. I was hospitalized for several days because I was put on some medication that made me hallucinate. Please be aware that Ativan is the right drug for some, but not for all. While I was in my hallucinated state, everything that was happening in that world seemed real as my senses were working overtime. Getting the catheter removed on December 8, 2020, was a gift from above. God works in mysterious ways. I have to thank God for getting me this far. 

I have walked away from friendships last year with my heart aching terribly because my trust in people has been tested and scrutinized under a microscope very closely. It takes a lot to get me mad, but when I had to walk away from a friend in December, it was for my health and heart and the best thing I could do for myself and the other person involved. I am also more careful befriending other FB members.

 2020 is now behind us. 2021 is nowhere. Joe Biden will be our 46th President of the United States no matter if we want him or not. We are going to be a divided country no matter who runs this country. We can only ask for him, Joe Biden, to do his best no matter if we agree or not. He’s human, too. He will make mistakes. What, of the 45 Presidents, were perfect? None of them were perfect before Biden. In the meantime, hang in there, and continue living with a smile. I don’t care for sourness unless it’s grapefruit 🙁.

 Please do not take what I’ve said personally. I had to express what was on my heart for a long time now. Now my friends and family may understand my absence here on FB. I want to come back. I will not stop sharing and posting what is essential to me. This is MY PAGE, and whoever I’m friends with matters to ME. If you are a friend on FB, WELCOME to my life. God bless all of you. I am glad you are in my world and life. All I need to do is change my bad habits. Otherwise, I needn’t change anything.

Sincerely, Kristi K

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  1. And there you have it. I find it amazing how easily people want to judge and cancel each other for the simplest things… such a waste. I broke up with FB. 🙂 Heh heh….

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